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 Portfolio Optimization & Analytics 


Risk Based Asset Allocation

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At Axona we understand that different types of clients will have different requirements from an Asset  Allocation process.  Private Clients will have simpler portfolios with less sophisticated inputs and may concentrate on the performance aspect of a portfolio. Pension Funds  have multi dimensional risk requirements  and have expertise for refined inputs whilst needing to manage the risk aspect extremely carefully.

The Axona platform is able to accommodate the different needs of:

Simple, Intuitive, Powerful.

6 Easy Steps.

Axona can help you amplify your investment strategy with our forward-thinking, scalable, cloud based platform. The process is simple, allowing you to iteratively select, optimize, analyze, and modify.


Select Portfolio Assets

Axona makes it easy to add assets to your portfolio. Simply search from more than 220,000 global equities, ETFs, funds, currencies, or cryptos.


Express Constraints

Simply select from a number of pre-defined asset or portfolio constraints, or add your own ad-hoc constraints.



Within milliseconds the optimization engine examines thousands of asset allocation permutations to select the best weights.


Express Market Views

By default Axona calculates future expected returns, risk, and correlations, which can be easily changed by the Investment Manager based on their own market views.


Select the Objective

Axona supports multiple objectives - maximize return, minimize risk, maximize sharpe, equal risk allocation.


Analyze the Results

Axona provides extensive analytics to assist the Investment Manager to constructing a diversified portfolio that meets the objectives and constraints, while remaining insensitive to estimation errors.

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